Picking the Right Guest Bed for Your Small Room

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Space has always been an issue for the guest bedroom as it’s generally the one you didn’t want to sleep in yourself. This has become an even bigger thing to think about over the last decade with house prices escalating, albeit modestly, further still.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right guest bed and this should act as a rough guide, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of the various bed types, considering value, size, storage and comfort.

When using this guide, please consider your personal and social needs that will only apply to you when deciding the most important characteristics of a good guest bed.

If you’re a family person through and through, you will want to consider comfort and size above the others because of the constant flow of relatives you have using it. If you only have people round for Christmas and other holidays, value and storage are the most important as the beds scoring high in such categories will give space to put the bits and bobs that don’t really live anywhere.

Sofa/Futon Bed

These beds are great for a guest room that serves another social function. If it doubles-up as a library, study or computer room where people are likely to sit for a natter, these space efficient solutions are the way to go.

Value: 6 –While there are some cheap options at around 150-200 it may be worth thinking about how that correlates with the quality of the springs and base. It can’t be ignored that the higher-priced alternatives may last longer.

Size: 8 – These are some of the best options for space saving. The ability to have a multi-use room- not just a guest bedroom that picks up dust- is a great advantage, especially for the smaller houses out there.

Storage: 1 – you can store approximately two cushions (medium) and maybe a throw on top of it. After that, space is an issue.

Comfort: 6 – This depends heavily on what you bought. If it’s a higher end sofa or futon bed, the comfort will represent that. Lower end ones may be more like a 4/5.

Folding Bed

This great space-saver is for the guest room that has little to no place to put anything. If you’re considering this type of bed, but feel you’ll be taking a hit in the style department, don’t underestimate the power of a throw or nice piece of fabric to cover it while folded.

Value: 10 –By far, the least expensive option. If that’s your only consideration, the folding bed is for you.

Size: 10 –Obviously, it folds. This is the perfect choice for people without a guest room at all, or a really small one.

Storage: 4 –Nothing can be stored around these beds, but I gave it 4 because it’s possible to store the bed itself if you have a cupboard or garage that can deal with it.

Comfort: 3 –Despite its strength in so many of the other categories, the folding bed really takes a blow here. That isn’t to say they are unpleasant in any way to sleep on for a night or two, but they aren’t a viable option for people who have regular visitors.

Ottoman/Storage Bed

Ottoman beds are the large, sturdy option for people needing a guest bed. They come with a lot of storage space, but there size means they are only really an option for people who have a lot of people round, or it can’t be justified.

Value: 5 – While this is a slightly lower score than the others, it’s important to know that they are really good beds for their money. They are the more expensive beds amongst the options, but that’s because they are a more permanent feature, giving the option of much higher quality mattresses.

Size: 4 – The biggest option for a guest bed, although assumedly the person buying it would have a slightly bigger room to play with.

Storage: 8 – This is where the ottoman bed wins. The base lifts up, revealing a big storage space which is great for sheets and items that are too many or miscellaneous for anywhere else.

Comfort:  8 – Another strong category for these beds. The best bit is that the frames can be bought separately, meaning you can buy a mid-high range mattress and ensure the best level of comfort for prospective guests.

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