How to Apply for WALMART Truck Driving Jobs

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Walmart is a multinational retail corporation based in the United States of America.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, this means it must be producing a lot of merchandise.

More merchandise means more logistic burden. And to handle this burden, the logistics segment of the Walmart company plays a crucial role.

The logistics segment is responsible to deliver goods all over the world. But, the tough part is, delivering merchandise in the whole of United States.

With over 8000 drivers on road delivering shipments all over the USA, the logistics division has it covered up. For the vitality of this division, a total of 90,000 members work in it.

Truck driving job description

Truck driving job description

For being applicable for a truck driving job in the Walmart company, one must have good communication skills. One must know how to talk to officials.

Also one must know how to maintain records and paperwork of the load he is carrying in his truck. One must also know all the routes, and should be wise enough to travel from routes with very low traffic and should also know how to use maps and atlas.

One must also be strong to lift and push weights without any assistance. Similarly one should also know how to follow safety and traffic rules to keep the trailer or the truck safe and damage free.

Also, one must be used to of working under varying temperatures. One must also be asked to visit multiple places, so he must be prepared to stay there for a day or two.

Truck driver education and licensing

Normally, a driver should have driver education and licensing for being eligible for a job in any company. Over the road, drivers have to drive trailers for thousands of miles, and for driving a trailer, the driver has to have a commercial driver’s license.

Many drivers enroll in professional truck driving institutes and learn how to drive a tractor-trailer rig and also learn the laws of the highway according to the government.

For obtaining the CDL, drivers must pass driving and written tests. A Walmart driver travels approximately 100,000 miles a year. This means drivers must be able to sit for long hours and drive consciously.

Applying for Walmart truck driving job

The best and easy way to apply for Walmart truck driving jobs is visiting their website. Once you go to the website, click on the drivers and transportation section.

There you would be able to see different locations. Select your location and fill up all your information.

The application would be asking several questions like driving experience, drug test report, contact info of previous and current employers, past accident experience and your CDL number.

After you click the apply button, you have to wait. Response time varies with location. Walmart will notify you if you are selected and, call you for an interview, or, your job would be given to some other candidate. If you do not get the job, you can apply for other positions too.

Walmart drivers pay

Walmart drivers are paid a high salary of 80,000$ per year. Plus they enjoy many benefits like medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation time, 24 hours access for free and safe parking with wifi, showers, and cafeteria, and weekend family time.

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