Visualize Home Decorating With The Houzz Space Planner

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Have you always wanted a better picture of what furniture might look like in your home before you spend the money? There is some good news for you. The Houzz furniture website has a feature that may help your visualization. The feature in question on the website is called the “space planner”.

This interactive program is literally a space planner and will help you picture a room in your home and how furniture will look in it from a floor plan perspective. You can find a lot of mobile apps that works in the same way.

Room Plan

To start, you need to let the Houzz furniture space planner program to know which room you want to work on adding furniture to.As soon as you make a selection, you should see that room shows up on the screen as well as some Houzz furniture options to begin to decorate the room.

Size Of Room

Measure the room and then enter those measurements into the program.Once you do, you’ll notice that the floor plan on the right side of the screen will adjust to the measurements you’ve entered.


You can now start picking pieces of Houzz furniture for the room. Since you’ve already selected the room type you want to decorate, you’ll notice in the left bottom side of the screen there are pieces of furniture from the Houzz furniture collection.If you don’t like the piece that’s showing, you can toggle through the various collections until you find the pieces you’d like to see in your home.

Once you’ve found the pieces that you like the look of, now you can see how they look on a floor plan.By clicking on a piece of furniture that has your attention it will be transferred to the interactive floor plan.Now by using the mouse you can rotate or relocate the furniture to just where you would put it if you were decorating.Continue going through the furniture and selecting the pieces that would go best in the room until you have them all together.It’s now time to sit back and take a look at the floor plan filled with Houzz furniture and see if this is the look you had in mind and if you have the space to pull it off in your home.

There are also some toggle buttons that allow you to change the colors of elements that you are adding to your floor plan.This color can offer a dimension that adds to your visualization of the space.Home decorating has now been taken to a whole new level.Now before you bring the first piece of furniture home, the Houzz furniture planner will help you make sure you’re selecting the right pieces for the right space before you bring them home.

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