Garden Design

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As the grey clouds disperse and the sun hangs around that little bit longer, we – as Brits do best – tend to spend as much time as possible in our garden. Be it sipping champagne with friends around a beautiful oak dining area admiring the landscaped garden, to the (more realistic) can of lager and plastic chairs with overgrown weeds for company, the garden is the British Summer social hotspot.

A massive 83 percent of us have access to a garden and four million of us regularly watch gardening programs. However only a small portion of this figure admit to regular upkeep of a garden, it’s clear that we’re not utilizing something that is literally on our doorstep. The options are endless and the most frugal of person can transform their outdoor wasteland into a blissful place with just a little garden design.


First things first, we need to dig out those garden gloves and dust off the tools for stage one of the garden design. It’s amazing what an afternoon’s work will achieve. Get digging at those tiresome weeds, give the lawnmower a whirl around your garden and sort out your edges! These basic – some might say boring- tasks will instantly transform your garden for the better.

So with the basics done, now we can look at the aesthetics of your garden design; from the ultra-modern rows of cool Black Roses to a colorful splatter of Bleeding Heart shrubs, there’s definitely the plant to match your personality.



With your garden design down to a tee, you’ll want to invite your friends round for a barbeque. Furniture for your garden design is big business! Plastic chairs just won’t cut it now. Consider Oak furniture for a safe and stylish option or if you’re feeling more daring, how about a Rattan-effect set for a suave continental look.

Yet many of us forget the value of the space outside. We’ve moved on from sheds and there’s many other ways to use your space wisely and exploit that garden space. How about a garden office? Working from home will never have been better as you survey your wonderful shrubbery from the window! But all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, how about a hot tub for those beautiful summer nights, or better yet – a brand new home for your beloved pet.

So round up the kids, husbands, wives, grandmas etc. and get everyone involved in your brand new garden design plan. It will change your summer and maybe even your life.

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