Cabinet Organizer – Common Questions

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In case you have a few questions on cabinet organizers, I have created this listing of frequently asked questions and answers that may lend a hand. Here ya go:

Are there cabinet organizers which move like a lazy Susan?
Yes. These are called carousel cabinet organizers. These move around just like a small lazy Susan and are used primarily for herbs, spices or bottles. Instead of hunting through the kitchen cupboards hunting for some spice, a carousel cabinet organizer helps you quickly pick the spice you need.

Do cabinet organizers need to be custom made?
There are lots of ready made cabinet organizers designed to fit easily in standard- size cupboards. These are available online and are available in many styles as well as colors to select from. Alternatively, if you prefer to have your cabinet organizers tailor- made especially for your cabinets in your own home, many online vendors are listed that provide this service.


Why should I buy a cabinet organizer?
Because stuff accumulate in your cabinet, a cabinet organizer might help you sort through items which will save you so much time in the long run.

What are the various types of cabinet organizers?
Cabinet organizer models come in many styles and uses. There are cabinet organizers meant for kitchen cabinets or for closet cabinets. Kitchen cabinet organizer trays are built for conveniently keeping your bottles of condiments as well as spices, bakeware selection and also flatware. Wardrobe cabinet organizers feature small drawers you can fold your bikini sets in, neckties, undergarments as well as scarves. Find more on how you can visualize home decorating.

What other websites have “Frequently Asked Questions” on cabinet organizers?
You’ll have to search very hard to come across internet sites on cabinet organizers.  There is one site that I can recommend, though. That’s the cabinet organizer forum at  The site is a very popular, free forum relating to cabinet organizers where visitors have probably already posted virtually every probable question that you could want answered. Plus Bid and blog’s forum contains live cabinet organizer auctions and a free of charge cabinet organizer email alert service.  There’s practically always a person on the forum who will be able to answer virtually any question about cabinet organizers.

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